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The Popes' Castle

The French Castel Gandolfo

The Arch of Orange

1st Century A.D. monument, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.
The Arch, dedicated at first to the feats of the Gallic 2nd Legion veterans who founded the Roman colony of Orange early in the first century and then to the Emperor Tiberius, is an outstanding monument...

Roman Theatre in Orange

Orange’s Roman theatre, constructed at the beginning of the Christian era, owes its reputation to the exceptional condition of its backdrop wall. Life in the old city revolved around it. The superb acoustics and structure enabled an audience of 9 000 to attend performances...

Courthézon salt lake

Welcome to L’Etang Salé nature site, with the "Espace Naturel Sensible" (Sensitive Natural Area) label, near the town of Courthézon. Come and walk along the 2 km discovery trail with information panels. Adapted to people with motor/visual disabilities, and with a picnic area...

Chocolaterie Castelain

Enter the universe of chocolate at the artisanal chocolate-maker, Chocolaterie Castelain, located in the heart of the rolling vineyards in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, 15 km from Avignon.
The entire site is dedicated to gourmand delight. The plant covers 300m2 and is fragrant...

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